Michael Part

Michael Pärt was born in Tallinn, Estonia, on August 17, 1977. In the late 1970s he went with his parents when they emigrated through Austria to Germany. He was exposed to music from a very young age, and having grown up in a musical family where music was all around him, studying it became a natural route. After graduating top of his class, he holds a Masters in Music with distinction from Kingston University in London.


Michael's involvement as co-founder and chairman to the “International Arvo Pärt Centre” has given him the experience to lead and direct teams of different professionals including liaising with lawyers, IT, archivists, musicologists, the media and officials. Setting up a management body and a team structure in place, as well as acting as the technical consultant, he worked both on strategic and fundraising roadmaps. As the IAPC's physical archive is at the heart of this foundation, the process of establishing a digital archive for long-term preservation and end-user accessibility has been a key stage over the last 3½ years with the means of a custom database, which is to handle in excess of 30TB of digitized content. he also introduced technical audit processes, layout security policy as well as taking regularily part in key creative stages, including design and print.


Michael's main strength is an approach to problem solving in fast and creative ways. Having been active in the music industry as a Producer and Editor for almost 15 years, he has been part of a wide variety of projects, ranging from working closely with composers and pop stars, liaising with directors to managing and producing recording sessions.

Michael Pärt has gained renowned recognition in the music and film communities by working closely with Oscar and Grammy award winning artists. He has worked with Icelandic megastar Björk, film directors Peter JacksonFrancis Ford Coppola, composers Richard HarveyHoward Shore and film director and Prince of Thailand Chatrichalerm Yukol among others. Michael has contributed to award-winning projects such as the BAFTA winning LazyTown and the Grammy nominated albums Volta by Björk and Neon Bible by Arcade Fire.


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